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September 18

Co worker Kat got tomatillos! From my purple toma seedlings that I gave her! My plants are puny and barely setting fruit, but Kat canada goose jacket outlet two plants got an earlier start and deeper soil and buy canada goose jacket cheap probably more TLC. These are going to make GREAT salsa.And salsa is what I been up to. I been trying to save as canada goose outlet in usa much of summer as I can by channeling my inner farm cheap canada goose wife, canning up canada goose coats on sale a storm, trying to use up the insane bounty of my Eight canada goose outlet cucumber patch. This morning I water bathed five pints of cucumber relish canada goose clearance right out of Blue Book of Preserving (picked it up at Ace Hardware for ten smackers). The tally so far this year includes 13 pints of salsa and seven of frozen gazpacho. At our altitude, the Ball https://www.dvu-nds.de book sez, you got to add 10 minutes to the amount of time the jars canada goose uk black friday spend in the hot tub. Here Ball website for more tips and recipes; and here another one with canada goose outlet jackets more. And here a link to CSU extension collection of fact sheets about canning (they say if your water bath processing time is under 20 minutes, you only need to add 5 minutes at 5,000 feet altitude; add 10 if the recipe says to process for OVER 20 minutes).I never canada goose factory outlet gone quite this insane for canning, though I done it before. If you new to it, the Ball book is very good at explaining Canada Goose Jackets and diagramming all the steps and giving you a good collection of recipes to try not to mention the canada goose outlet toronto factory REASONS behind all the steps, and it one of the cheapest. Trust me, canning is work and it tempting to skip an essential step. There a reason my mom never did it when I was a kid; she spent all her summers as a child in steamy central Illinois with the damn canning kettle boiling away all day. I figgered out that five pints of salsa equals five person hours of work, between all the prepping, peeling, chopping, boiling and measuring. And that using a dishwasher on sanitize to sterilize the jars. Not to mention that at the end of a canning session, there this big bowl of compost to get rid of:(Yes, that from just one batch of salsa not including the tomato peels! And yes, that my hideous fake lapis laminate countertop. How I find anything on it well. Don take me there.)If you just do refrigerator pickles, that easier and you don need to get the kitchen all humid. And if you just going to water bath a couple of batches of jam or preserves or chutney, and you Canada Goose sale canada goose outlet reviews have a good stockpot, you can get canada goose outlet store away with just buying the jar lifter and the little magnet thing to pluck the jar lids out of the hot water. A clean dishtowel, arranged with a pair of tongs, will cushion your little jam jars and prevent them from banging against each other while they in the boiling water.If you going to do pints, however, spring for the canning kettle and rack. The rack does make things easier, though I never managed the trick where you raise it halfway out of the water, prop it on a ridge on the sides of the kettle and load jars into it and then lower them all into the canada goose outlet shop water together. For me, that way lies peril, with falling jars and squeals and scalded fingertips. Maybe it only works with quarts jars, though I doubt it the rack is such a flimsy thing. And supposedly the enameled canning kettles you get at the hardware store the ones with raised concentric rings on the bottom only work on gas stoves, but they all I could find. It a little brown plastic stick with a small round magnet on the end, shown in the right foreground canada goose outlet uk of this photo. The CSU Extension Master Gardeners were there, helping the kids construct leaf canada goose clearance sale crowns. By the end of the day, all of us grown ups were wearing them, and this canada goose outlet online uk marvelous gal joined in the fun. Larimer Extension Agent Alison Stoven had brought bags of leafy materials grass heads, sedum blossoms, blue canada goose outlet black friday globe thistle seed heads, reeds and zebra grass. Amazing stuff! I like your post, very funny. 1: No screensa bean lover and almost daily bean eater, I need to get my hands on Crescent new book. I am sure that it is a. Just the other day I dug up a carrot, peeled it and it was yummy, actually. Time to declutter the. Along with training as a Colorado State University Extension Master Gardener volunteer, she dug deeper with beds of herbs and lettuce at Canada Goose Coats On Sale her home and rows of vegetables wherever she could borrow land. She writes for The Denver Post and other publications and appears on community radio.

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