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Like many social institutions in the country, Norway’s prison system has been lauded as one of the most humane, and forward thinking on the planet. We get a lot of emails from people wondering how and why the system works, especially from the USA where the prison system is notably ineffective.

So we put together this guide on why Norwegian prisons cover samsung galaxy tab s2 9.7 work. Make a cup of coffee, pull up a chair, and get yourself comfortable!

Table of Contents

A focus on rehabilitation that works

It is vastly cover samsung j1 clash of clans cover iphone x opaca, MARC MARQUEZ MOTO GP cover iPhone X / XS different than what many people think of (or have experienced) when it comes cover samsung galaxy s2 plus to prisons in other cover cover samsung galaxy ace4 iphone x kaufen, LILLY PULITZER JULY cover iPhone X / XS countries around the world. Relaxed is one word that often comes to mind.

Depending on your perspective, the crazy or not so crazy thing about the Norwegian prison system is that it works.

In a country with an already low crime rate, recidivism, or the percentage of people that are sent to prison for a second sentence, hovers at or below 20%. cover samsung a5 silicone Compare that legami cover iphone x, MAGPUL LOGO 2 cover iPhone X / XS to places such as the United States where those convicted of a crime are arrested again at rates anywhere from 60 to 75%.

The yard at

The most important way that the Norwegian prison system contrasts with others is that the focus of the prison is rehabilitation as opposed to punishment. The goal for the Norwegian prisons cover samsung galaxy s3 neo brillantini is to make “better neighbours”.

This ethos can be seen in everything from the designs of the prisons, to the activities the inmates are encouraged to undertake. More on these things later!

Giving inmates something to do

What helps the most in Norway’s goal to rehabilitate its inmates is the number of programmes available to them during their stay.

Some jails have inmates working similar jobs to what can be found in other prisons across the globe, such as metalwork for local industry, but it the choices available for what inmates can do with their free time is what might make the biggest impact.

Whether it is attending cooking classes taught by professional chefs, music classes where inmates can learn the ins and cover samsung galaxi tab e outs of producing music, or just hanging out in the rec room with other inmates and playing video games or cover samsung galaxy j 3 watching films.

Oslo Prison

The interior of the prisons and the cells themselves look more like dorm rooms than anything else, giving a decent amount of privacy and keeping the inmates “feeling like they are still people” as they are oft quoted.

Prison food in Norway also varies drastically from the chow halls seen cover samsung j5 2016 silicone morbido elsewhere. In Norway, small groups of amazon cover samsung galaxys5 prisoners get together to cook and eat their meals. With the cover iphone x leopardata, LOS ANGELES DODGERS CAMO cover iPhone X / XS full range of silverware and cutlery that cover samsung galaxy gran neo can’t be found inside prison walls anywhere else.

See inside a Norwegian prison

The Directorate of Norwegian Correctional Service (Kriminalomsorgen) have produced a handful le migliori cover samsung s8 plus of videos in foreign languages to introduce various prison facilities to new arrivals. Watching one of these gives you an insight into what life inside a Norwegian prison may be like.

The videos are produced in English, Polish, Lithuanian, Romanian and Serbian. This one is from Sem Prison, located just a few miles west of Tnsberg:

“One thing it may be important for you to know is that even though you don have money, you can arrange to get a packet of tobacco on credit. All prisoners receive a cover samsung galaxy s3 mini originale small daily allowance. Toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap and razors are free of charge, as is food and drink.”

When you think of a prison you generally will paint the image of concrete buildings surrounded by rows and rows for fences or walls; barred in windows; and not a lot of effort put into beatification or design outside of functionality.

There is logic behind the design though. Norwegian jails attempt to mimic the outside world as much as possible, to prepare inmates for freedom. What this means in practice is en suite bathrooms and even flat screen TVs. Not only is the national incarceration rate low, the country has a population of less than six million people. Some of the biggest and most cover samsung s7 edge flip notorious jails in Norway include:

Ullersmo: Around 20 miles north east of downtown Oslo, the facility opened in 1970 as a replacement for Botsfengselet in the heart of old Oslo. The capacity at Ullersmo is less cover samsung s5 mini originale than 250 cover samsung s5 mini disney and it takes long term inmates from across the country. The jail is home to a substantial workshop and educational cover samsung j3 2016 libro centre.

Oslo: The country largest correctional facility is very close to the centre of the capital city in the Grnland/Tyen neighbourhood. Oslo Prison has a high level of security and spaces for around 250 prisoners. It is a male only prison…

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